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Banjo Willie's

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Hello, and welcome to Banjo Willie's Music page.

As you might have figured out, I love music. It's probably one of my most favorite things on the planet. Music has been around since before history was even recorded. Before the earliest of the human species learned to communicate with words, they were banging out rhythms on rocks and trees! That's hard to imagine, isn't it? Yet after all the time gone by, it's still one of the few things on this earth that truly spans across all of the cultural barriers. Music has no language, and yet it is all languages.

What's that? You say that that's a pretty heavy concept? Well I don't know about that but just remember this -- Music is one seriously powerful form of communication. With music, you have the power to evoke all kinds of feelings and emotions: Joy, sadness, fear, elation, longing, anger, and on and on. Music can take you from the lowest lows to the highest highs, and anywhere in between. It can lead a nation into battle, or it can cry for peace. It can make you want to dance, it can make you want to cry. And that's pretty impressive for just twelve notes!

Desert Island Discs

Well, here is where I give you the obligitory list of albums I would want with me on a desert island (in no particular order). It's not an easy list to make, so in no way will this list be legally binding -- should I happen to be stranded on said desert island.

1. Pink Floyd -
Dark Side of the Moon
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan -
Texas Flood
3. Jimi Hendrix -
Are You Experienced?
4. Big Head Todd & the Monsters -
Midnight Radio
5. B.B. King -
Live at the Regal
6. Van Halen -
Van Halen
7. Big Head Todd & the Monsters -
Sister Sweetly
8. Pink Floyd -
Wish You Were Here
9. Metallica -
Master of Puppets
10. U2 -
The Joshua Tree
11. Natalie Merchant -
12. Stevie Ray Vaughan -
Couldn't Stand the Weather
13. Eric Clapton -
From the Cradle
14. Pearl Jam -
15. Eric Johnson -
Ah Via Musicom
16. Santana -
17. Jimi Hendrix -
Axis: Bold as Love
18. Pink Floyd -
19. Jimi Hendrix -
Electric Ladyland
20. Lightnin' Hopkins -
Mojo Hand
I know, I know. Most of these lists are only ten albums long. Well, what can I say? Who knows how long I could be on this god forsaken island!

Down below you'll find a short list of some bands. These are just a few of the bands I'm a big fan of (not to mention an avid listener). Actually, the list is a collection of links to some websites that I have developed as a tribute to, or resource center for each of the bands listed below. Why don't you check some of them out and see for yourself? You'll find band biographies, album discographies with cover art and track listings, and some pictures of the bands as well. Not to mention some of my own thoughts and insights about these great bands.

Eventually,I really hope to incorporate individual forums for each band, but until then, feel free to direct any comments or suggestions to my Bulletin Board (Visitor's Forum), my guest book, or just e-mail me. And remember, this is a work in progress that will change from time to time, so please check back again later.

Check Out My Band Pages

 Stevie Ray Vaughan

 Pink Floyd

 Jimi Hendrix

 Big Head Todd & The Monsters

 Tina Thornhill & Rainmaker (my band)

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