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BHTM Big Head Todd and the Monsters
  A  n  o  t  h  e  r    M  a  y  b  e  r  r  y  

Cover art

Release date: 1989

  1. Flander's Fields*
  2. Another Mayberry
  3. Salvation
  4. I Will Carry
  5. Blues For Annie
  6. Blue Water
  7. Geography Of A Horse Dreamer**
  8. It All Comes Down
  9. American Boy
  10. Waiting In America
  11. Hymn

Todd Park Mohr: Vocals, Guitars, Piano.
Brian Nevin: Drums, Percussion, Background vocals.
Rob Squires: Bass

Additional musicians:

George Gatseopoulos: Backing vocals on "I Will Carry"
Park Peters: Korg DSS1 string arrangement on "Waiting In America"

*Based on the poem "In Flander's Fields" by John McCrea
**Based on the play "Geography Of A Horse Dreamer" by Sam Shepard

All songs and lyrics written by Todd Park Mohr

Front cover photo: Todd Park Mohr
Produced by John Burris and BHTM

This album was released by the band on their own independent record label, BIG Records, in response to the large demand from their fans. It was later re-released on the Giant label.

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