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Stevie Ray Vaughan
T e x a s   F l o o d

Album cover art

Release date: 1983

  1. Love Struck Baby
  2. Pride And Joy
  3. Texas Flood
  4. Tell Me
  5. Testify
  6. Rude Mood
  7. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  8. Dirty Pool
  9. I'm Cryin'
  10. Lenny

    ** Remastered version contains
    these additional bonus tracks.

  11. SRV Speaks
  12. Tin Pan Alley
    (AKA Roughest Place In Town)
  13. Testify (Live)
  14. Mary Had A Little Lamb (Live)
  15. Wham! (Live)

Track 12:
Previously unissued studio recording from the
Texas Flood sessions

Tracks 13 - 15:
Recorded September 23, 1983 at the Palace,
Hollywood, California