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Below is a list of links. They may be entertaining. They may be educational. They may be useful in some way, shape, or form. You might like them. You might not. You'll never know unless you click on 'em and find out! (They'll surely appreciate your business.)

Just click on one of the categories listed directly below and off you'll go!

Enjoy the Ride!


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My Other Sites

The Lounge
Interested in some mindless, trivial fun? Prepare to unwind and be entertained. Lots of games and so much more!

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Homepage
My tribute to one of the all time greats. If you're a fan, or you'd like to be one, check this out. A very extensive biography, a complete discography with cover art and track listings, and lots of pics, too!

The Big Head Todd and the Monsters Homepage
Big Head Todd is a great roots-rock band out of Boulder, Co. This is my page dedicated to them. Check out the bio, the discography (with cover art and song titles), and photos. What more could you want?

The Pink Floyd Homepage
We don't need no education! But you really need to check out my pages about the band Pink Floyd. Roger or no Roger, this band is one of the greats!

Banjo Willie's Jimi Hendrix Pages
Purple Haze, Spanish Castle Magic, Voodoo Chile -- You know 'em and you love 'em. Come see my Site about Jimi! (He IS a voodoo chile, you know.)

Metropolis Music
Searching for a new cd? We've got all the latest hits. Shop Metropolis Music. "Your one stop music shop." -- Brought to you by cdnow.


Occula's What on Earth ... ?
Music, Books, Sci-Fi... Check it out!

The Atlanta Braves Home Page
The home of the World's best baseball team.

The Justin Wilson Homepage
Home to the world-famous cajun cook. You'll like it, I Garontee.

Mail a cyber-meal to someone you know. Mmmm ...tasty.

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
A great place to go to get the real scoop on all your favorite urban legends.

Mr. T's Quote of the Week
The name says it all.

Snivy's Car Show Page
Like cars? Snivy's got cars. He's got lots of cars!


Stevie Ray Vaughan on the Net
This is an excellent site! If you love SRV as much as I love SRV, then you'll surely love this. A great list of SRV related sites and such. RAVE ON, STEVIE, RAVE ON!

Texas Flood Mailing List- Stevie Ray Vaughan FAQ
A great page for guitarists (or anybody else for that matter) who love Stevie Ray. Lots of stuff including very detailed descriptions of all Stevie's guitars, stage setups, and much, much more.

The Big Head Todd and the Monsters Official Web Site
A great site, a great band -- check it out!

Experience Hendrix Interactive
The official Hendrix family web pages. Online magazine, a discography, news of future Hendrix album releases, and much more.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Check out a piece of history

The Fillmore East Home Page
Remember the good ol' days? (Actually, this was before my time, but I thought I would include it here anyway.)

Welcome to N.I.L.8
Extra-heavy yet quirky music homegrown right here in my home town. Probably the hardest working band in my area -- watch for them at a club near you.

Glen Echo Club
This is an 80's tribute band from my home town. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS! They are the future of music.


Fender World
Fender guitars -- you know 'em, you love 'em, you just gotta have 'em!

Gibson Musical Instruments
Home of the fabulous Les Paul.

Guitar parts galore.

Stewart MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply
A plethora of nicely priced guitar parts, tools, and supplies.

Seymour Duncan Pickups
Pickup model descriptions, wiring diagrams, technical tips, and more.

EMG Online
The official home of EMG pickups.

Analog Man Vintage Guitar Effects
An excellent source for classic crunch and forgotten fuzz, as well as wiring schematics and pedal modifications.

Guitar Shielding and Wiring
A site full of incredibly helpful Strat wiring diagrams, tips, and tricks.


The Simpsons
I love the Simpsons -- and you should too! (This one loads kind of slowly, so please be patient.)

South Park
This is the Official South Park Page residing on Comedy Central's web site.

The Official Star Wars Web Site
For those of you who are into Star Wars, this is the place for all the info on the new trilogy.

The Hasbro Star Wars Site
For all of you Star Wars toy collectors out there, this is a pretty informative site for finding out about all of the toys and figures currently on the market, as well as when new ones will be released.


WebTV 411
A very LARGE list of helpful links for WebTV users.

HTML Resources
This is also a collection of links. This time it's, well, HTML resources.

Mad Rabbit's Reference Tables
Check this out -- lots of great tools and programs.

The Banner Generator
This is an excellent tool for making banners. I use this all the time.

VRL Imaging Machine
If you're looking for a way to manipulate graphics, this place is a dream come true. A real help for WebTV users.

The JavaScript Source
A really big collection of scripts. Everything from clocks and calanders to games and navigational scripts. Just copy and paste.

Draac's Free Gifs 123
The best place for free linkable gifs on the web.

Star Boulevard Transloader Service
Here's a great way for WebTV-ers to upload graphics and sounds, etc. to their web site files. It's easy, and it's free!

This list will be updated and added to every once in a while. Please check back from time to time to see what other cool or interesting places I've discovered.

e-mail me!

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